I love those famous words from Buzz Lightyear.

Here’s a question — Do you BELIEVE, to infinity and beyond, that you can lose weight, feel more confident and energized, and actually achieve your goals?!

If your answer was NO or I DON’T KNOW, you’re making weight loss 10 times harder than it needs to be. Seriously.

The first step towards achieving ANY goal is believing that you can actually DO IT.

You CREATE that belief in yourself by consistently taking action (that moves you towards your goal) repeatedly over time.

What actions am I referring too?

Drink more water.
Eat an extra serving of veggies daily.
Move for 10 minutes daily.
Only eat when you feel true hunger.

Each of these actions, when done consistently over time, lead to weight loss. By executing them, you prove to yourself that you CAN achieve this goal.

Let's Talk FAILURE!


I am an extremely positive, passionate person about everything in life, but especially my clients and my business! But there’s something I want to talk about today that ISN’T all sunshine and rainbows…


There are two ways that my clients fail.

It’s not eating too much chocolate.

It’s not drinking too much wine.

It’s not lack of consistency.

It’s not overeating.

It’s not stress or emotional eating.

It’s not lack of exercise.

Will all of these reasons cause my clients to not lose weight? Absolutely!

But lack of results is NOT FAILING my friends!!!

Failing happens when you stop reaching towards your goals and completely GIVE UP on yourself. It also happens when you REFUSE to LEARN from your mistakes. Those bullet points I listed up there are mistakes that my clients make… sometimes often!

No one is perfect… Mistakes happen to all of us (me too)! But giving up on yourself every single time you make a mistake, or making the same mistake repeatedly without learning… THAT is FAILURE at it’s FINEST.

This applies to EVERYTHING in life too, not just weight loss!! Remember to be kind to yourself and show yourself some love. Setbacks and mistakes WILL happen… It’s what you do AFTER they happen that determines whether you achieve your goals or not.

Self-care means SO much more than manicures and massages.


Don’t get me wrong, I love both of those things.

But I also get annoyed when women tell me they don’t “have time” for self-care because they assume it always involves luxurious trips to the spa, or hour-long naps.

I believe self care includes ANY action that promotes physical, mental, or social health. In the Freedom with Food Formula, I help my clients learn the BEST forms of self-care, regardless of how busy she is.

In my mind, self-care includes sleeping, eating nutritious foods, moving your body, taking 5 minutes for yourself to relax, spending time with friends/family, or ANY other activity that fills your cup.

Do you agree with me? Share your FAVORITE form of self-care in the comments below!

Can you guess the single most IMPORTANT nutrient to help boost performance for EVERY activity except for long endurance events?


Nope, it’s not protein… Or carbs… Or caffeine!


Here’s a SCARY statistic — 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Yikes!

The benefits of drinking enough water are countless… From clear skin to healthy kidneys to strong muscles, but drinking enough water is CRUCIAL for weight loss. ‼️

So… How much water should you drink?

That really depends on your body, your goals, and your lifestyle, but as a general guide, try to drink 0.5-1 ounce of water for each pound you weigh.

Check out my BEST 3 tips to help you stay hydrated:
1. Have a water bottle or glass with you 24/7. Have one in the car… keep it at your desk… Even on the coffee table while watching TV! Simply SEEING your water bottle is a great visual reminder to drink more water.
2. Set a reminder on your phone. Set an alarm for every 2-3 hours to remind you to get up and drink a glass of water.
3. Include water-rich foods in your diet. Many of us forget, but ALL fruits, veggies, and even meats contain water. Adding nutritious, whole, healthy foods into your meals can add up to 20% of your daily water intake!

How much water (on average) do YOU drink on a daily basis?

Can you guess the MOST important SKILL that I learned to help me successfully run 26.2 miles?


Hint—It’s the exact same skill that I teach my clients in the Freedom with Food Formula… So they are able to lose weight while still occasionally ENJOYING their favorite foods.

Hint #2 — It is NOT Motivation…

Don’t get me wrong… Motivation is definitely needed SOMETIMES to help you reach your goals, but here’s the truth — NO ONE is motivated ALL OF THE TIME towards reaching their goals.

When I was training for the Chicago marathon last summer, there were SO MANY TIMES where I struggled with motivation.

Often times, I could find 1000 excuses to NOT run, but struggled to find ONE reason to get my booty out the door to run.

In a similar way, there are SO MANY TIMES that my clients are tempted to order a pizza, or swing through a fast food drive through for dinner, as opposed to cooking a quick, healthy meal at home.

The MOST important skill that helped me run a marathon AND helps my clients CRUSH their weight loss goals is DISCIPLINE.

When you’re disciplined, you’re able to CHOOSE your ACTIONS with your goals in the front of your mind… Without letting ANY emotions influence how you act.

Here’s a fact — If you rely on motivation all the time, you’ll NEVER lose weight, or run a marathon, or reach ANY of your goals.

Being disciplined will help you LEARN to stay on track no matter HOW motivated you feel.

I’d love to know… What is one goal that YOU have reached because you were DISCIPLINED?!

If you follow FOOD RULES, there is ONE SECRET CHANGE that you need to make.


“I don’t eat past 6pm.”…

“I never eat carbs”
“I stay under 1200 calories a day.”

If you live by any of these strict food rules (or other ones not included), you MUST change your MINDSET.

Please listen—Following food rules ONLY helps create a messed up relationship with food. I’ve talked to hundreds of women who think about food 24/7 because of the unhealthy relationship they’ve developed with EATING.

Food is a necessity. It is meant to fuel your life and to be ENJOYED… It is NOT meant to rule your thoughts and rule your life.

In the Freedom with Food Formula, I help women to change their mindset, so they find peace with food and are able to escape from food rules, once and for all.

The magic question — HOW do you change your mindset?

It starts with your THOUGHTS and ends with your ACTIONS.

Begin to think about food in a different way, and then choose actions that help you to break free from your “food rules.”

Pop ONE food rule that YOU have struggled with in the past below!

I wake up every single morning thinking I am the LUCKIEST woman in the world.


Seriously… I get to help my clients become HEALTHIER and MORE CONFIDENT every single day. How amazing is that?!

My clients inspire ME because they MAKE time to become healthier while still living BUSY LIVES.

Some of the women I work with are career-driven… Others are busy moms who volunteer…
Others own their own businesses…
Others travel often…
Others spend time on creative hobbies….

Here’s the ONE commonality among all my clients—NONE of them have unlimited amounts of time each week to spend becoming healthy.

And that is BEAUTIFUL.

Listen up — You DON’T need hours a week to become healthier. All it takes is ONE small action consistently, and you build from there.

START eating more vegetables.
START paying attention to your hunger levels.
START taking the stairs instead of the elevator.
START thinking of food as nourishment as opposed to a coping mechanism.
START including lean protein at each meal.

NONE of these actions take hours a day. Yes, they require some strategic planning ahead, but that can take as little as 5 minutes. Start right now. Decide to make a change and then execute.

What is ONE ACTION that you are taking today to make your life a little healthier?

You CANNOT out-exercise your fork.


When I was training for the Chicago Marathon, I read a book that specifically focused on nutrition for marathon runners.

There was an entire chapter devoted to the fact that some marathon runners GAIN weight because they justify everything they eat by the fact that they are running so many miles a week.

Talk about an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise…

As a society, when did we start believing that we DESERVE to eat chocolate or drink wine simply because we exercised?

Or, when did we start viewing exercise as a PUNISHMENT for eating a cheeseburger or pizza?

No matter how hard you try, exercise alone will not help you lose weight. You must create sustainable nutrition habits that teach you how to eat nutritiously most of the time while still enjoying life’s indulgences.

Exercise and food are two INDEPENDENT parts of the healthy life equation.

Exercise keeps our hearts, lungs, bones, and muscles strong... it isn’t a tool that’s meant to justify what you eat.

In a similar way, you DESERVE to eat chocolate, pizza, or burgers occasionally only simply because you WANT it... Not because you “earned” it with exercise.

Do you agree with me?

What’s holding YOU back from becoming the BEST version (both physically and mentally) of YOURSELF?!


One of my clients recently graduated from working together, and talk about obstacles to weight loss… She didn’t even have a KITCHEN to use for a few months during our time together. Not to mention she moved 3-4 different times while working together… Talk about stressful!

Seriously, she was in the military and lived on various bases so was often eating at the dining hall. She was at the expense of food choices that were provided to her, and she STILL managed to lose 14 pounds and 21 inches while working together!

The BEST result she achieved was her CONFIDENCE!

Before working together, she was uncomfortable in her own skin, and hated every piece of clothing she owned. She always enjoyed exercising, but felt tired and sluggish in the gym with the extra weight she had gained.

After working together, she became HAPPIER, and that’s NOT because she lost weight… It’s because she felt like HERSELF again! She gained the confidence and energy that she had been missing for years!

This could be YOU in 90 days.

If she was able to get these results WITHOUT access to a kitchen and while moving across the country 3 times, ask yourself… What’s really stopping YOU?

On a scale from 1-10, how CONFIDENT and RADIANT do you FEEL in your life right now?


If it’s anything less than a 10, you’re selling yourself short. You deserve MORE.

You see, almost every woman I work with comes to me because they want to simply “lose weight.” While using the scale is a great tool to measure progress, it surprises me that so few women understand how creating a healthier life will make them FEEL!

How would you FEEL if you slept 7-9 hours a night? ⁣

How would you FEEL if you fueled your body with the nutrients it craves?⁣

How would you FEEL if you consciously chose to ate dessert simply because you WANTED it, without any strings attached or without using it as a comfort for stress or emotions? ⁣

So... how do you bump your confidence up to a level 10?

You remember that you always have a CHOICE, and that is your POWER. Decide to take action. ⁣

If you’re not happy with how you FEEL, how can you change your daily actions (which directly changes your feelings)?

Here's a fun fact...


Here’s a fun fact: Sometimes sh*t doesn’t go the way we want it to. ⁣

This picture was take last August on the morning of the @crim_events 10-Mile race. After warming up and preparing myself to run, I lined up at the start line only to discover the race was delayed because of thunderstorms.⁣

I sat in this chair for over 2 HOURS waiting for the storm to pass. At first I was super annoyed and frustrated. I was READY to run. I could’ve wasted time complaining, or by playing candy crush on my phone, or by saying SCREW IT and heading home like so many other runners did, but instead, I decided to make my time productive. I used that time to check in with my clients and to plan my clients’ habits for the upcoming week.⁣

After the storms, I was nervous to run after sitting still for so long, but I felt GOOD knowing I had used my time productively. And guess what happened? I ran my FASTEST 10-miles to date. ⁣

Life is always going you a curve ball. You can’t escape that. But you are 100% in control of YOUR ATTITUDE and HOW you react to stressful situations. ⁣

I couldn’t control the weather on race day, but I COULD control my attitude and my behaviors. I made the best out of a situation that was annoying and frustrating, and I think my race results proved that! ⁣ I challenge you to DECIDE to make the most of a bad situation - you’ll be glad you did!

What do you *TELL* yourself about your body?


As a nutrition & exercise coach, I’m bummed that most women don’t talk about mindset more when it comes to our BODIES!

You’re probably aware that your mind BELIEVES what you tell it... Regardless of whether it's the truth or not.  Yep, you read that correctly... Your mind often believes what you tell it, even if it's different than reality.

Ask yourself this question: What do you *TELL* yourself about your body?

If you're mind is always full of negative or criticizing thoughts, it will feel impossible to have a healthy & peaceful relationship with food, exercise, and your body.

Instead of focusing on the negative self-talk, celebrate every step of your journey… And start giving yourself (and your body) some credit!

There's absolutely NOTHING wrong with wanting to improve your health while transforming your body... 

Heck—my ENTIRE business is based on helping women create the healthy body of their dreams. ;)

But remember that BELIEVING you can achieve your goals and TELLING yourself how strong and beautiful you are (no matter what the damn number on the scale says) is the key to being successful.

You may be wondering… How do you *start* shifting your mindset so that you can actually start loving your body??

My favorite way is to write a body positive affirmation (like I AM BEAUTIFUL or MY BODY IS STRONG) on a sticky note, and place it on your desk or your bathroom mirror. EVERY time you see the sticky note, say the affirmation to yourself.

If you're looking for some help to overcome your mental hurdles, so you can create a healthier relationship with food and your body, I encourage you to book a FREE coaching call!  

On the call, we'll discuss your current relationship with food, and you'll leave the call with 3 strategies to implement immediately to help you love your body (and your life!)  Don't let fear stop you from reaching your goals... Let me help you push past the roadblocks that have stopped you from reaching your health and fitness goals!