I love those famous words from Buzz Lightyear.

Here’s a question — Do you BELIEVE, to infinity and beyond, that you can lose weight, feel more confident and energized, and actually achieve your goals?!

If your answer was NO or I DON’T KNOW, you’re making weight loss 10 times harder than it needs to be. Seriously.

The first step towards achieving ANY goal is believing that you can actually DO IT.

You CREATE that belief in yourself by consistently taking action (that moves you towards your goal) repeatedly over time.

What actions am I referring too?

Drink more water.
Eat an extra serving of veggies daily.
Move for 10 minutes daily.
Only eat when you feel true hunger.

Each of these actions, when done consistently over time, lead to weight loss. By executing them, you prove to yourself that you CAN achieve this goal.

We’ve all made THIS mistake before... Myself included!


What starts out as a well-intentioned favorite food (I’m going to eat one cookie because these look delicious!) turns into a full-blown eating fest (holy shit I just ate 4 of those cookies and a piece of pizza and had chips & salsa and 2 glasses of wine and now I feel STUFFED!)

I’m talking about a food BINGE.

Check out the top 3 reasons that women struggle with binge eating:

1. You’re feeling TIRED or STRESSED. When we’re tired, stressed, or emotional, it’s easy to seek comfort in food. Here’s the truth though — eating NEVER helps the root cause of our tiredness or stress! Find a way to deal with stress/tiredness that doesn’t involve food. Honor your body by only eating when you feel true hunger.

2. It’s EVENING or WEEKEND time. I love the evenings and weekends, but that time often comes without plans or routines. We are more likely to binge when we’re out of our normal routine. Try to keep yourself busy during evenings or weekends, or be intentional about finding ways to relax that don’t involve food!

3. You’re being TOO RESTRICTIVE. If you’re feeling hungry all the time, or following a diet that’s SO strict that you’re never able to enjoy chocolate, wine, or any of your other favorite foods, chances are you’ll binge. NO ONE has the willpower or “motivation” to live this way forever. Focus on building sustainable nutrition habits that teach you to eat nutritiously most times, but that still allow you to ENJOY your favorite foods!

MYTH or FACT time!


“You must exercise intensely for 45-60 minutes in order to lose weight!”

Do YOU believe there’s any truth to this statement?

Often times, women believe that in order for a workout to be “efficient” or to actually see results & lose weight, you need to spend hours a day in the gym.

It is a MYTH and is complete BS!

Are there benefits to exercising for 30-60 minutes at a time? Absolutely!

Here’s the harsh reality though — It’s 2019, and the VAST majority of the population spends way too much time sitting down and way too little time MOVING AROUND. I promise that 10-20 minutes of exercise adds up. Doing something is ALWAYS better than doing nothing!

Always remember the best way for you to work out is to find something you ENJOY that you’re going to do CONSISTENTLY. If that’s walking, that’s great!! Maybe that’s yoga… Amazing! Personally, I love indoor cycling and running.

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THIS is the ONLY reason you’re not losing weight!


Every week, I talk to women who are struggling to lose weight, to break the cycle with emotional eating, and to most importantly FEEL more confident and energized in their own skin!

At the end of the day, each woman is living a unique life and faces her own struggles, but there is only ONE major reason why they aren’t losing weight.

They aren’t in a calorie deficit.

The science behind weight loss is remarkably simple... You need to eat less calories than your body burns.

It’s the EXECUTION that’s a challenge for so many! Some women struggle with emotional eating... Others haven’t found a realistic way to incorporate healthy eating into their busy lives… And others struggle without accountability!

Here’s my best advice, no matter WHY you’re struggling — take ONE step towards a healthier life consistently.

Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to make 758397 changes at once. That only leads to exhaustion, burnout, and failure because you’re making too many changes at once.

Make ONE manageable nutrition change at a time. Be patient. Be consistent. Lose the weight!

Want to learn my little secret that practically GUARANTEES my clients get results?!


It’s not that I’m a magician and can wave a magic wand and BOOM! My clients lose 20 lbs. Although the Freedom with Food Formula DOES offer a pretty magical transformation, a magic wand has nothing to do with it.

Instead, it’s asking my clients THIS question before we start working together

“On a scale from 1-10, how committed are you to reaching this goal?”

Here’s the truth — If you’re committed to ANY goal you hope to achieve at any level less than a 10, you’ll struggle to achieve it.

You MUST make your health and fitness a priority if you want to lose weight.

Now, this DOES NOT MEAN spending hours a week in the gym, or meal prepping for the entire week on Sunday... Nor does it mean eating the same bland foods over and over again.

But this DOES mean being honest with yourself.

If you think you don’t have time to pay attention to your health and fitness, then you’re probably right... You’re probably not committed enough to yourself in that area yet, and that’s okay! Be realistic with yourself though, and don’t expect to see any results where there’s no commitment/time.

Once you decide you’ve had enough, you’ll make time for it.

Making time has NOTHING to do with how busy you are, but rather has EVERYTHING to do with your priorities. Some women I work with have EXTREMELY busy schedules, but because they are committed to themselves, we work together to find time during their busy days for fitness and nutrition.

Remember too, this isn’t black and white, committed or not-committed. Every small step you make counts.

If all you can manage is a few short walks a week, do that!

If you struggle to eat enough veggies, start by adding in one serving a day.

Doing something ALWAYS beats doing nothing.

Want to learn the best, healthiest weight for YOUR body?


Here’s a little equation I use with my clients.

And it looks like this:

Weight you can maintain + Eating nutritious foods most of the time + living a life you actually ENJOY + feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin - emotional/stress eating = YOUR BEST, HEALTHIEST WEIGHT.

There is SO MUCH MORE to finding your best weight than simply a number based off of your height.

If you hit your “goal weight” but feel hungry all the time, or you NEVER eat chocolate or drink wine, or have completely eliminated carbs, or hide behind baggy clothes and dread going out in public... Is that REALLY your healthiest weight?

Of course not!

Your healthiest, BEST weight shouldn’t even really revolve around a specific number. It should reflect a FEELING... Where you’re confident and energized, fueling your body with the nutrients it craves, but also ENJOYING your life.

Do you agree??? Drop a ❤️ below if you do!

Can you guess one of the WORST mistakes that I see women make when trying to lose weight?

Chocolate & champagne laugh.jpg

I GUARANTEE it’s not what you think it is, too! Nope, it’s NOT eating chocolate or drinking wine…

Nor is it lack of exercise…

It’s lack of CONSISTENCY. More specifically, I’m referring to trying a NEW diet every other week and not seeing ANY RESULTS.

I talk to women ALL.THE.TIME who struggle to lose weight because they try keto for one month … Then Weight Watchers the next… Then Whole 30 for a month… And then Jenny Craig…. And so on.

Here’s the truth — You MUST be consistent in order to see results. Whether you’re trying to lose weight… Or switch careers… Or run a marathon… You have to be consistent in order to make progress towards ANY goal you want to achieve. Consistency doesn’t usually mean one month either my friends…

Being honest with you, long-lasting results RARELY happen in just one month. They just don’t. It can take weeks, months, or even years of consistency before you see REAL progress that can be maintained long-term. Patience is KEY to achieving ANY goal... especially weight loss!

So… HOW do you become more consistent with weight loss? You COMMIT to ONE nutrition plan long enough to see results AND to learn how to adapt that plan to your everyday life long-term. I'm talking a MINIMUM of 3 months. If you don’t get results… You simply tweak the plan, NOT the goal. You learn to take ACTION, no matter what life throws at you.

Share one goal that you’ve achieved BECAUSE of consistency in the comments below!

Are you making weight loss HARDER than it needs to be?


For most of the women I speak with, the answer is YES.

Here’s why: The diet industry want you to believe that you must eliminate entire food groups (like carbs or desserts), or NEVER eat chocolate or drink wine to lose weight.

And that, my friends, is the biggest BS lie that I’ve ever heard.

The actions needed to lose weight are remarkably simple:

1. Eat nutritious, healthy foods (including smart carbs) most of the time
2. Allow yourself to enjoy healthy portions of chocolate, wine, and other favorite foods occasionally
3. Learn to eat intuitively
4. Be patient and consistent

That’s it.

PLEASE, do not deprive yourself or make your health journey more stressful or complicated than it needs to be.

Do you have any questions about these 4 action steps? Ask them below, and I’ll create a mini-training specifically for you!

Struggling to lose weight OR create a healthy relationship with food?

IMG_6490 4.JPG

This COSTLY mistake is why...

Hint—It starts with a C.

And NO, it’s not eating chocolate.


Friends, PLEASE remember this — One piece of pizza won’t cause you to gain weight. Just like one salad won’t help you lose weight. ‼️

What you eat MOST of the time matters more than what you eat SOME of the time.

You DO NOT need to completely eliminate your favorite foods (like chocolate and wine) in order to lose weight, BUT you have to be honest with yourself and only enjoy them occasionally in appropriate portions.

I promise… If you eat nutritious foods mindfully MOST of the time, there will always be room for your favorite foods WHILE still achieving your goals.

Do you agree with me? Drop your favorite HEALTHY FOOD emoji below!

Would you order tacos at an Italian restaurant?


I sure as heck wouldn’t!

I LOVE tacos, but I only order them at a Mexican restaurant.

When you try to adapt a “fad diet,” you’re basically ordering tacos at an Italian restaurant.

You see, fad diets are meant for the average human. They are barely customizable to YOU and YOUR LIFE. I can’t tell you HOW many women I speak with who HAVE NOT lost any weight on a fad diet… Simply because the diet failed to accommodate their own individual needs.

Most diets do NOT take your body shape/structure, or your career choice, or your injuries/illness, or your food preferences, OR your lifestyle into consideration.

How can you expect the exact same diet to work for a 28 year old lawyer with two kids at home that works for a 65 year old retired schoolteacher?

In my 5-step method, the Freedom with Food Formula, I help my clients lose weight by creating a sustainable nutrition plan/habits that are 100% customized to HIS or HER own life.

Please friends… DO NOT order tacos at an Italian restaurant.

YOU and YOUR BODY deserve better. You deserve a sustainable nutrition plan that fits into YOUR life… Not the other way around!

Would YOU be brave and order tacos at an Italian restaurant???? Personally, I’ll save the pasta and pizza for the Italian restaurant.

I only have ONE coaching spot available for the rest of April. Want to talk about how I can help you achieve your goals? Comment below.

If a health coach ever tells you to do this, RUN FOR THE HILLS!


Can you imagine eating egg whites, ground turkey, and asparagus EVERY DAY for 2 YEARS straight?!

Last week, I had a call with a potential client, and she shared her experience with a previous weight loss coach. THAT is exactly what she ate for 2 years straight. She never missed a single day.

Sure, she lost weight, but at what COST⁉️

She never ate at a restaurant (adios social life!)
She never went to her friends’ houses for dinner
She never ate pizza or ice cream
She never drank booze
She never ate the HUNDREDS of other healthy foods that could’ve help her achieve her goals
She learned NOTHING during those 2 years except how to eat egg whites, ground turkey, and asparagus… Which means she gained ALL the weight back after she stopped the program.

I wanted to CRY for her when she shared this information with me.

PLEASE listen up my friends — There are MUCH better ways to lose weight and to take control over your health aside from restrictive diets that eliminate your favorite foods.

Life is meant to be LIVED and ENJOYED. If you feel the only way that you’ll be successful in losing weight is restricting yourself, please focus on eating nutritious foods 80-90% of the time, but still allow yourself to ENJOY your favorite foods 10-20% of the time!

There IS a better way, and I’m making it my MISSION to teach as many women as I can that it’s 100% POSSIBLE to lose weight and still ENJOY your favorite foods.

Using ONLY an emoji, share how you would FEEL if you had to eat egg whites, ground turkey, and asparagus every single day for 2 years straight!

If you follow FOOD RULES, there is ONE SECRET CHANGE that you need to make.


“I don’t eat past 6pm.”…

“I never eat carbs”
“I stay under 1200 calories a day.”

If you live by any of these strict food rules (or other ones not included), you MUST change your MINDSET.

Please listen—Following food rules ONLY helps create a messed up relationship with food. I’ve talked to hundreds of women who think about food 24/7 because of the unhealthy relationship they’ve developed with EATING.

Food is a necessity. It is meant to fuel your life and to be ENJOYED… It is NOT meant to rule your thoughts and rule your life.

In the Freedom with Food Formula, I help women to change their mindset, so they find peace with food and are able to escape from food rules, once and for all.

The magic question — HOW do you change your mindset?

It starts with your THOUGHTS and ends with your ACTIONS.

Begin to think about food in a different way, and then choose actions that help you to break free from your “food rules.”

Pop ONE food rule that YOU have struggled with in the past below!

I wake up every single morning thinking I am the LUCKIEST woman in the world.


Seriously… I get to help my clients become HEALTHIER and MORE CONFIDENT every single day. How amazing is that?!

My clients inspire ME because they MAKE time to become healthier while still living BUSY LIVES.

Some of the women I work with are career-driven… Others are busy moms who volunteer…
Others own their own businesses…
Others travel often…
Others spend time on creative hobbies….

Here’s the ONE commonality among all my clients—NONE of them have unlimited amounts of time each week to spend becoming healthy.

And that is BEAUTIFUL.

Listen up — You DON’T need hours a week to become healthier. All it takes is ONE small action consistently, and you build from there.

START eating more vegetables.
START paying attention to your hunger levels.
START taking the stairs instead of the elevator.
START thinking of food as nourishment as opposed to a coping mechanism.
START including lean protein at each meal.

NONE of these actions take hours a day. Yes, they require some strategic planning ahead, but that can take as little as 5 minutes. Start right now. Decide to make a change and then execute.

What is ONE ACTION that you are taking today to make your life a little healthier?

Food Cravings are NOT your problem.


We’re often taught that food cravings are EVIL, and that we must AVOID the foods we crave at all costs.

Women come to me asking “How do I get rid of my food cravings?” OR “What do I do when a serious food cravings hits?!”

The truth is that ALL of us have food cravings at times.

For some of us, it comes from the pure satisfaction of enjoying a particular food… And for others of us, cravings hit because we use food as a coping mechanism for stress and emotions.

When we fight our food cravings, we only WORSEN our relationship with food, because we try to completely eliminate and avoid the unhealthy foods that we crave... Which tends to lead to a late-night binge session... Can you relate

So, back to the GOLDEN question...

WHAT do you do when a food craving hits?!

You remember that YOU always have POWER over your decisions with food. YOU ARE IN CONTROL of your choices.

Stop allowing your food cravings to control you.
Stop thinking that foods are “bad” and “good”
Stop letting your emotions and fear take control over your eating.


Instead of fighting your food cravings, be mindful, make a PLAN to help you navigate your cravings, and learn to TRUST YOURSELF to take power over your food choices.

I promise that THIS is one way to help heal your relationship with food.

Tag a friend in the comments below who needs to hear this message today!

Want to know the BEST diet in the world to lose weight?


Is it —

Weight watchers
Whole 30
Intermittent Fasting
Slimming World
Jenny Craig

NOPE. It’s NONE of these.

Here’s the TRUTH behind of these diets.

They are in the business of making MONEY. Sure, you might lose weight on them, but they DON’T teach you the skills that you need to keep the weight off long-term SOOO you end up gaining the weight back, and spending even MORE money to repeat the diet.

You DO NOT need another fad diet to lose weight.

You DO need a smart nutrition plan that allows you to eat nutritious foods MOST of the time, while still enjoying wine and chocolate on occasionally.

In The Freedom with Food Formula, I teach my clients the SKILLS they need to balance eating healthy foods with their favorite not-so-nutritious foods for the REST OF THEIR LIVES.

At the end of the day, diets simply tell you WHAT to eat. They don’t help you understand WHY you eat the way you do, or HOW to change your habits long-term.

Share in the comments below… What is the WORST diet you’ve ever tried or heard of?

TRUTH TIME — I have a HANGER problem.


If I let myself get too HUNGRY, I am NOT a nice person to be around. I get super crabby and moody. It’s bad… If you don’t believe me, just ask my husband, Brad.

The GOOD news is that I make it my PRIORITY to fuel my body with proper nutrients every single day so I DON’T turn into the wicked witch of the Midwest.

TOO many women that I speak with who are trying to lose weight feel hangry ALL.THE.TIME because they’re restricting themselves on an extreme diet (like trying to eat 1000-1200 calories a day).

If you’re one of those women who is deeply restricting or practically yourself trying to lose weight, and you feel hangry more times than not, PLEASE STOP.

Eating too few calories WILL NOT speed up weight loss. In fact, it will do the OPPOSITE. If you eat too few calories, your body will cling to every single fat cell you have because your body believes it is being STARVED.

If your goal is to lose weight, try using a MODERATE calorie deficit (1500-1800 cals/day) while still finding a BALANCE that includes your favorite foods and drinks (for me, it's the chocolate and the vino).

PLEASE, show your body the love and respect it deserves by fueling it properly. You deserve MORE than feeling hungry all the time.

Truth bomb time — I hate the word DIET.

IMG_6490 4.JPG

Ugh. To me, it just SOUNDS miserable, restrictive, and unrealistic. Or it makes me think of processed foods (bars & shakes) that *promise* quick results and taste like plastic.

PLEASE understand that you do NOT need a diet to lose weight. You simply need a SMART NUTRITION PLAN and a LIFESTYLE CHANGE.

There is a HUGE difference between a diet and a nutrition plan.

DIETS are temporary. They have a start and a stop date. They require you to drastically cut calories, so you feel miserable, deprived, and hangry. Or, you are forced to eliminate your favorite foods or entire food groups, which leads to binging.

Diets don’t TEACH you anything about your current eating behaviors. Nor do they TEACH you how to maintain your results long term. The diet industry WANTS you to fail so you spend more $$$ with them.

A SMART NUTRITION PLAN is flexible, and allows you to ENJOY your favorite foods (like chocolate and wine) occasionally while eating the nutritious foods that your body craves MOST of the time.

Smart nutrition plans are meant to help you LEARN how to create healthy habits that are sustainable FOREVER.

In my signature coaching program, the Freedom with Food Formula, I help my clients to create & implement smart nutrition plans, and once they “graduate” from working together, they NEVER need another diet OR to work with me again because they have learned the skills to live a healthy life FOREVER!

PLEASE friends… Do yourself a favor and DITCH the DIETS for good.

If you’re unsure of how to create a smart nutrition plan for yourself, comment below! Let me help you take the first step towards a healthier life.

Are you Scared a Weight Loss Program won't get you results?


If I had $5 for each time a potential client told me they were "SCARED" my program might not get them results, I would be rich.

Being honest, I’m pretty sure EVERY single client I’m working with right now had doubts in their mind at one point or another if I could help them lose weight.

To date, I’ve helped my current clients lose OVER 300 POUNDS!

You’re probably asking the golden question… HOW⁉️

I EMPOWER my clients and hold them accountable to use their emotions and fears, and turn their worries into simple ACTIONS.

THAT, my friends, is why my clients are so successful.

It’s not because of ME, nor is it because The Freedom with Food Formula is magical and filled with potions, wraps, pills, or secrets that automatically help you lose weight.

It’s because my clients learn to use their FEAR and decide to push past it and take action every single day to become healthier.

WHATEVER goals you may have that you’re trying to achieve… Please understand that it is OKAY and NORMAL to feel afraid and fearful of achieving them.

What’s NOT OKAY is to allow fear to stop you!

Take ONE small step towards your goals today. Then take another small step tomorrow.

Acknowledge your fears, but don’t let them stop you from growing, changing, and evolving!

If you’re SCARED but ready to commit to yourself, and you’re looking for someone to GUIDE you in taking the first step towards a healthier life, comment below and we can talk!

The KEY to losing weight and LOVING your life.

Untitled design (3).png

BALANCE. ⁣ I teach my clients that YES they can drink wine and eat chocolate and still lose weight.

Heck, one of my clients drank a large mocha and ate homemade lasagna and STILL lost 2 pounds that week! The best way to ENJOY your favorites and still lose weight is to PLAN AHEAD and PRIORITIZE.

Look ahead at your schedule this week and ask yourself... What is worth it to YOU this week to enjoy⁉️ ⁣ ⁣ Is it dinner with girlfriends? ⁣ Or date night with your significant other? Or birthday cake at your child’s birthday party? ⁣ If you find that you have a busy week with a few fun social events/meals planned, then it comes down to prioritizing your absolute favorite food or drink.

You simply CAN’T eat unhealthy foods and drink booze 3-4 days a week and still expect to reach your goals. It just won’t happen. ⁣ Do me a favor... grab your calendar and check out your upcoming week. Using ONLY an emoji, drop the favorite food or drink you plan on enjoying in the comments below!

BIGGEST reason most women struggle to lose weight!


It’s NOT because they eat chocolate or pizza or drink wine....⁣ ⁣

It’s because they aren’t CONSISTENT enough with the nutritious foods they eat while still enjoying their favorite foods.

They tend to eat too much chocolate and pizza and drink too much wine without even realizing how much they’re eating.⁣ ⁣ In my weight loss coaching program, the Freedom with Food Formula, I teach women EXACTLY how to lose weight but still enjoy pizza, chocolate, wine, and even French fries .⁣ ⁣If you want to learn more about the 5-step process I take my clients through in the Freedom with Food Formula, comment below.