Are you ready to go from Flabby to Fab, all while transforming your everyday life?

Are you ready to lose weight, gain confidence, and become the best version of yourself?  

Are you ready to learn and create new habits that allow you to look and feel your best, and wear clothes you never thought you could, all while enjoying eating at restaurants, drinks, and your favorite sweet treats?

Maybe you've tried numerous diet and exercise plans in the past that haven't been successful.  Or, even worse, you’ve had success and lost weight on a program, but then gained it all back and then some when the program finished.  You know you're ready to commit to your health and fitness, but you need help figuring out exactly what you need to do, and want the accountability to keep you motivated!

I get it… It sounds too good to be true.  There must be some catch, right?  

In reality, all it takes is simplicity, flexibility, and consistency.  It's time to unlock the three foundational habits to your success:

Food, Fitness, and Focus!

Customized to your body, mind, and lifestyle, my one-on-one coaching program helps you create new foundational habits centered around foods you enjoy that nourish your body, fitness routines you enjoy that work with your daily schedule, and mindset activities that create the focus to keep your new healthy habits long-term.


Let's take a peek at your past nutrition journey.  What worked well when you achieved you lost weight?  What stood in the way of you reaching your weight loss goals?  Hate broccoli?  No worries--I'll never make you eat it!  Love sweets?  You can still enjoy them--in moderation and on occasion.  We work closely together to come up with unique nutrition habits that you can confidently execute, so you lose weight in a safe and healthy way.  No food is a must, and nothing is off limits, because let’s be honest… You only live one life, and it’s short, so you have to enjoy it!  Most importantly, we will NEVER count calories while working together.  Using the size and shape of your body, we will find the perfect portions for each meal that leave you losing weight without feeling hungry!


Not only does exercise help you lose weight and feel strong and sexy, but it also strengthens bones and muscles, improves mental health, and can reduce the risk of certain diseases (think heart disease, type II diabetes, and some cancers).  As important as exercise is to weight loss, it doesn't mean you need to be sweating away in the gym for hours every day.  We will work together to create fitness habits that works with your schedule, goals, and preferences, so fitness becomes part of your weekly routine, and get this, something that you enjoy and look forward too!


Creating a nutrition and exercise plan that fits your lifestyle is a great way to start your wellness journey, but unless we focus on your mindset, your old habits can come creeping back into your life.  We work together to get to the bottom of WHY you eat the things you do, WHY you like or dislike certain types of exercise, and how to enjoy your life while still confidently losing or maintaining weight.  When you change your brain, you change your body--it’s as simple as that.  

Are you ready to lose weight, gain confidence, feel like the best version of yourself, and transform into a bolder, brighter, more carefree woman than you thought possible?

The complete Total Transformation Program is a 12-month program.

However, I don't make you sign a year-long contact.  A 4-month commitment (16 weeks) is required to start the program, but after that time, you can make a decision to stop the program at any point along the journey.  You may wonder why 12 months?  You've probably tried the too much, too fast approach before to lose weight. And let me guess, that got you short-term results and NOTHING long-term.  By focusing on one habit at a time over the course of a year, there's over an 80% chance that you will succeed.  Try to tackle two habits at once, and your chances of success drop drastically--to below 30%!  Plus, throughout the course of the year, I can help you stay on track through holidays, family vacations, and any other stressful situations that may pop up.  

The Platinum Weight Loss Program includes:

  • Three (3) 30-minute virtual Personal Training sessions every month.  I will guide you safely through workouts that are catered to your body AND your goals.  Without every leaving home, you'll be guided through total-body workouts to rev your metabolism, so you receive the support, accountability, and knowledge to safely complete workouts!
  • Three (3) 30-minute coaching calls every month, where we will discuss all things food, fitness, and focus related, so that we are constantly in sync with each other, and progressing towards your weight loss goals together as a team.
  • Your own private account within ProCoach, a habit-based nutrition program created by the leaders in the nutrition world: Precision Nutrition.  It is tailored specifically to your body composition, food preferences, and goals.  Complete with daily lessons, practices, habits, and check-ins with me, so you’re set up for nutritional success from Day 1.
  • Daily progressive workouts, specifically created with your body and goals in mind, delivered directly to your email every day.  With videos, photos, and descriptions of all exercises, you'll be confident in executing the workouts.  Together, we’ll build a foundation for exercise based on what your schedule allows, and how you love to move, so exercise becomes a part of your life you enjoy, rather than a hassle.
  • Weekly progress tracking, so we observe what’s working and what isn’t working, and decide on your next step together as a team, so you’ll hit your goals faster.
  • Full access to me in-between coaching calls, so you feel supported and motivated.  I’ll help to hold you accountable when life throws you a curveball, and will celebrate every win along your journey.
  • Weekly or bi-weekly written mindset activities, where we will dive into your past relationship and behaviors in regards to food and fitness.  We will understand HOW and WHY you've had trouble losing weight and becoming healthy in the past, and discover ways to move past these roadblocks.  It's imperative to change your mindset, so that the changes we make to your nutrition and exercise habits (AND your results) are long lasting!
  • Exclusive downloads and documents that set you up for success from the start.  Examples include grocery store guides, recipe guides, restaurant guides, easy meal prep guides, and much more.  Whether you’re travelling for work, going on vacation, or celebrating with friends, you will have the tools and knowledge to make healthier choices along the way with more ease and freedom.

Investment for the program:

$400 per month