Here's a fun fact...


Here’s a fun fact: Sometimes sh*t doesn’t go the way we want it to. ⁣

This picture was take last August on the morning of the @crim_events 10-Mile race. After warming up and preparing myself to run, I lined up at the start line only to discover the race was delayed because of thunderstorms.⁣

I sat in this chair for over 2 HOURS waiting for the storm to pass. At first I was super annoyed and frustrated. I was READY to run. I could’ve wasted time complaining, or by playing candy crush on my phone, or by saying SCREW IT and heading home like so many other runners did, but instead, I decided to make my time productive. I used that time to check in with my clients and to plan my clients’ habits for the upcoming week.⁣

After the storms, I was nervous to run after sitting still for so long, but I felt GOOD knowing I had used my time productively. And guess what happened? I ran my FASTEST 10-miles to date. ⁣

Life is always going you a curve ball. You can’t escape that. But you are 100% in control of YOUR ATTITUDE and HOW you react to stressful situations. ⁣

I couldn’t control the weather on race day, but I COULD control my attitude and my behaviors. I made the best out of a situation that was annoying and frustrating, and I think my race results proved that! ⁣ I challenge you to DECIDE to make the most of a bad situation - you’ll be glad you did!