Introducing... STRONG WITH SARAH!

Strong with Sarah logo 3.png

Drum roll please… I have a HUGE announcement that I’m beyond excited to share!  

Over the past year my online weight loss coaching business, Sarah Pelc Coaching, has helped dozens of women take charge of their lives and lose weight for good, while still ENJOYING and LIVING life!  

It’s time for a change though.  While my passion is STILL helping women to lose weight while leading a life they love WITHOUT fad diets, it’s time to re-brand and change the name and face of my business.  You are probably asking why??  

Well first off, my name isn’t Sarah Pelc anymore.  I got married in April and officially changed my name to Sarah Pelc Graca.  Second, I wanted to create a name and brand that reflects my philosophies behind how I help women lose weight.  Next, under the new brand, I am planning on offering new types of amazing programming to help even more women lose weight, and have a better relationship with food and exercise while creating life-lasting changes.  Lastly, I’ve learned over the past year that my clients get the best results when they have the collaborative support of the community of women in my Facebook group.  It’s not just about me and the client, but more about how my clients learn from each other, sometimes without even knowing it!  It could be as simple as someone sharing a recipe or fitness tip, but I believe in building a community of women who lift each other up together.

WIthout further ado, I’m happy to introduce the new face of my business--STRONG WITH SARAH.  Strong with Sarah believes in helping her clients to lose weight and feel amazing.  Check out what Strong with Sarah stands for:

  • Strong with Sarah believes in creating strong solutions that help clients understand and move past the roadblocks that prevented them from losing weight in the first place.  Typical “diets” treat the symptoms of overeating and unhealthy eating habits; whereas SWS creates strong solutions to help new, healthy habits last forever.

  • Strong with Sarah focuses on improving your relationship with food and fitness, so that it becomes second nature in your lifestyle (with the results to prove it), as opposed to feeling like a strict diet or extreme nutrition/fitness program.  GONE are the days of “good” and “bad” foods.

  • Strong with Sarah approaches weight loss from the inside out.  The FIRST strong habits we create focus on your brain--where we tackle the psychology behind WHY you eat the way you do.  We’ll work together to improve your relationship to food and fitness, so that you can understand what has stopped you from losing weight in the past.  As we move through the program, the strong habits we create will focus on specific foods to help you lose weight.  

  • Strong with Sarah believes that it’s never about being perfect, but always about making progress towards your habit everyday.

  • Strong with Sarah believes that some exercise is crucial to losing weight, BUT that doesn’t mean you need to spend hours a day sweating in the gym or running on the treadmill.  We believe that it’s about finding a balance of exercise that fits into your life and more importantly, one that you enjoy!

  • Strong with Sarah knows that the journey to successful weight loss and a healthier life is pretty miserable on your own.  As a coach, I believe in providing you with the support, accountability, and motivation to help you succeed in creating strong nutrition and exercise habits.

  • Strong with Sarah believes in helping you gain the confidence to know the nutritional and fitness habits we create are long lasting.  GONE are the days of crash diets and starving yourself.  GONE are the days of “good” foods and “bad’ foods.  Through holidays, family vacations, or anything other curveball life throws at you, you’ll have solid nutrition and exercise habits that are unwavering, so that you can continue to look and feel the way you want.

  • Strong with Sarah understand that ALL women are busy.  Between careers and kids, happy hours and vacations, women don’t have the TIME or the ENERGY to spend following strict diets or 3 hour gym sessions.  Strong with Sarah sends daily nutrition and exercise habits directly to your email, so that you can easily access BOTH of the key ingredients that lead to major results, when it’s most convenient for YOU throughout the day.

  • Ultimately, Strong with Sarah believes in creating a happier, healthier, more confident, more energetic, and more fit YOU.

Want to learn more about Strong with Sarah and how I work with my clients?  Take a few minutes to look around my website!

To celebrate the re-brand, I plan on doing AWESOME giveaways throughout the month!!  Be sure to join my free Facebook group for women and to follow me on instagram for your chance to win amazing prizes!