Wine + Beer = Weight Loss?!


Heck yes!!

Seriously, it is 100% POSSIBLE to lose weight and lead a healthy life while still ENJOYING booze my friends.

It all comes down to being strategic and having a plan!

Check out my best 4 tips to help you enjoy alcohol while still losing weight or staying healthy:

1. Because you KNOW you’ll be indulging in your drinks, focus on eating lean protein & veggies earlier in the day.
2. Choose drinks that are easy on the calories and sugar. Some examples include vodka sodas, light beers, or dry wines/champagnes.
3. Alternate one boozy drink with one water. This helps control how much alcohol you drink AND helps prevent the dreaded hangover. Afraid of what others might say if you’re drinking water? Order a sparking water with lime ;) It looks just like a mixed drink.
4. Avoid the drunk munchies! Drinking does NOT give you permission to mindlessly eat at the end of the night.

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