How do you overcome a weight loss plateau?


What happens when you start losing weight, and then all of a sudden, the scale stops moving?

Why doesn't the number change?.png

You've been putting in the hard work:  You're paying attention to eat nutritious foods MOST of the time, you've started consistently exercising, and you're starting to see results... But then what happens when the scale stops moving?

Whatever you do, DON'T feel discouraged!  Weight loss is never linear, it always tends to ebb, flow, and even pause at times.  When your weight loss stalls, it's probably due to a weight loss plateau.  These plateaus happen when your body adapts to the new habits you've created, like eating nutrient-dense food and exercising more.  

Check out 5 tips to help you burst through your next weight loss plateau:

1. Reassess your habits and be honest with yourself. 

Often times when you stop losing weight, it's because old nutrition and exercise habits are starting to creep back into your life.  Maybe you added an extra dessert this week, or maybe you felt tired so you skipped the 3rd set of weights at the gym.  The first step to overcoming your weight loss plateau is to be honest with yourself about your habits.  If you ARE losing sight of your nutrition habits, take a week or two to tighten them back up.

2.  Replace one serving of carbs with an extra serving of veggies everyday.

Replacing one of your daily carb servings with an additional serving of veggies will help you eat less calories while still feeling full and satisfied.

 3.  Try a new type of exercise

Don't be afraid to shake up your workout routine!  Challenge your body by trying a brand new type of exercise!  You never know what types of exercise you might enjoy that might transform your body unless you try them!  

4.  Don't forget to include strength training!

It's simple: our muscle cells burn more calories than our fat cells do.  If you're looking to increase your metabolism, try to increase your muscle mass by lifting heavy weights that challenge you (but that aren't too heavy you risk injuring yourself!)  Aim to incorporate 2-3 strength workouts into each week.  

5.  Increase your activity throughout the day!

Sitting at your desk from 9am-5pm every day doesn't mean you can't stay active.  Take 2 minutes every hour and run up and down a few flights of stairs.  Walk around the office while on a phone call.  Hold a 1 minute plank in-between meetings.  Take the long way to the bathroom.  It doesn't matter how or what you do, just find ways to MOVE throughout your busy work day!

As frustrating as weight loss plateaus can be, remember that these small changes can help the scale to move in the right direction.  Whatever you do, DON'T let yourself give up and revert to your old habits.  Celebrate the success you've had on your journey, and commit to being consistent so you can break through the plateau!