The ONE surprising thing that helped me crush my goal!


Earlier this month, I ran my second 10K race of the summer.  I set a goal to beat my first time (55 minutes on the dot).  It wasn’t always easy, but I finished my second race with a time of 50 minutes and 15 seconds.  

While achieving my goal, I didn't train any different physically than I did for my first race.  

Yep... You read that correctly.  I followed the exact same training regimen I followed for my first race.

So what changed between my first and second race?  How was I able to shave almost 5 whole minutes off of my finish time?

ONE thing changed between my races:  my mindset.  

I’m sure you’re familiar with the quote, “It’s mind over matter.”  I’ve heard it 1000 times before, but to be honest, I never really believed it.  I thought that no matter how hard I worked, I could achieve anything I wanted.  Little did I know I was missing out on a HUGE part of the puzzle.

For my second race, I visualized myself running a faster, more efficient race.  I knew I could physically run 6.2 miles… After all, I had completed that distance during my first race.  But this time around, I actually spent time focusing and imagining myself running a faster race.

As I mentioned above, I didn’t physically train for my second race ANY differently than I did my first race.  For both races, I ran anywhere from 2-4 miles 2 mornings a week, and spent one morning on the weekends running 4-5 miles.  Mentally, I had imagined running faster during my second race SO many times I knew it would happen.  It was a done deal— I was 1,000 times more prepared for my second race mentally. 

I can’t begin to describe how important it is to have the right mindset when it comes to reaching ANY goal you may have.  Yes, it DOES take hard work physically, but without the right mindset, you're holding yourself back from reaching your true potential.  Truly envision yourself reaching that goal, and you’ll be surprised how often it happens. 

If you're looking for support to help get your mindset on the right track, so you can lose weight, tone up, and live a confident and energetic life, I invite you to book a complementary consultation call with me.  We will have a no-pressure conversation about how I help clients achieve their health and fitness goals.