Healthy Meal Prep 101: Use Your MORNINGS to Kickstart Meal Prep!

Make Your Mornings Productive!.png

Meal Prep is often needed to help with weight loss, but it's seen as a scary task that takes HOURS to complete!  

Check out these ways you can make your mornings more productive when it comes to prepping healthy meals!

In the morning, try to incorporate small cooking tasks into your routine.  I know mornings can be rough for many of us, so I encourage you to focus on manageable tasks... like chopping, boiling, toasting, and washing. 

Pair food prep with a morning ritual, and you’ll be surprised how easy it becomes!  For example, while making your morning cup of coffee, wash your produce.  Or, while packing lunches, chop up some veggies. 

I recommend adding 15 minutes to your calendar each morning, so that you won’t forget to food prep.  When you commit to starting your mornings by scheduling meal prep & a morning ritual, you're MUCH more likely to stick with it!

Lastly, I encourage you to prep in bulk.  I promise that cutting up a few carrots is just as fast as slicing up one.  If you're going to scramble eggs for breakfast, add in a few more for tomorrow's omelet.  If you're baking chicken for dinner, throw an extra piece of chicken in the oven and use it for protein on tomorrow's salad.

Believe me, I know mornings can be rough for all of us... If you add meal prep to something you ALREADY do every morning, like make breakfast or a cup of coffee,  you'll be surprised how easy meal prep (& weight loss) can become!