4 Ways to Stay Healthy on Thanksgiving!

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Yikes!  If you’re hoping to still enjoy thanksgiving dinner without diving off the deep end, check out these tips to help prevent you from overeating:

1.    Hydrate throughout your day!

Often times, our bodies disguise thirst as hunger.  Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day, which will help prevent over-eating when you sit down to the dinner table!  I recommend carrying around a water bottle with you as you prep your meal--it will remind you to stay hydrated!  In addition, if you plan on drinking alcohol, be sure to drink at least one glass of water in between alcoholic drinks.

2.   Eat Breakfast!

I can’t stress the importance of this one enough!!  If you skip breakfast on Thanksgiving morning, be prepared to feel starved by the time dinner rolls around!  Even if you’re eating early, I recommend starting your day with some protein and fruit, like a banana with peanut butter!  Eating breakfast will help prevent you from eating too fast AND eating too much food!

3.   Eat Slowly!

Remember that the true meaning of Thanksgiving is to be with family and friends!  Enjoy your dinner by focusing on the conversations happening at the table, as opposed to how quickly you can finish off your plate.  Try to set your fork down every few bites, and challenge yourself to drink a glass of water during the meal.

4.   Beware of the appetizers!

By all means, I want you to ENJOY your appetizers and your dinner on Thursday!  Just be aware of how many hors d’oerves you’re eating!  Be sure to save room for the main course—that’s where you’ll find the BEST thanksgiving foods!  If you’re extremely hungry when cocktail hour starts, try snacking on fruits & veggies!  Most importantly, do NOT stand near the appetizer table!  I promise you're much more likely to overindulge if the appetizers are easy to grab! 

I want you to ENJOY your favorite Thanksgiving meals, but use these tips to help prevent over-indulging!  If you’re looking for the support and motivation to KICKSTART your weight loss goals before the end of 2017, I encourage you to grab your calendar & book a complementary, no-pressure consultation call.

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