6 Practical Tips to Make Weight Loss Simple

Starting a new health and fitness routine is a difficult task!  Especially when your goal is to lose weight.  It means making changes to your already-busy schedule.  Here are 5 tips to make losing weight, and your life while losing weight, easier.


1.     Set your exercise schedule and clothes out on Sunday night:  Make a pile for each set of clothes you plan to wear that week for exercise.  Include everything from socks, to shorts, to a sports bra, to shoes,  to a shirt.   In addition, commit to your workouts for the week by writing them into your calendar.  On the days of the week you plan to workout, grab a pile of gym clothes in the morning, and you’re ready to go!

2.     Empty your fridge and cupboards of junk food, and don’t buy more!  It’s much more difficult to eat junk food if you have to leave your house to go get it.   It’ll also make you think twice about whether it’s really worth your goal to eat the treat.  Try to keep fresh fruit in your kitchen for when you crave a sweet snack.   If you don’t buy the junk, you won’t be tempted to eat it!

3.     Measure your progress!  Set your goal weight, and then decide how much time you want to get there.  Take your current weight, and create a simple line graph to help keep you on track.  Be sure you are consistent with your weigh-in.  Weigh in on the same day and time every week (usually first thing in the morning is best).  This is a great way to measure progress, as well as to see when you need to kick things up a notch to hit your goal.

4.     Hire a trainer or coach.  If you can afford it, work with an expert!  It makes the entire process easier when you are told exactly what to do to lose weight.  Plus, it helps having an accountability partner and cheerleader for your weekly goals.

5.      Eat your meals on small plates.  This may seem like a silly tip, but research shows that you change the amount of food you eat depending on the size of your plate.   Trick your brain by choosing a smaller plate to fill up, as opposed to a large plate. 

6.     Drink a glass of water before every meal.  Sometimes, when our bodies signal hunger, we are actually thirsty.  Plus, it’ll prevent you from over-eating by helping to fill your stomach.


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