5 Reasons to Hire a Weight Loss Coach

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Do you feel like you've tried every diet or exercise program under the sun to lose weight, without any real results?  Or, maybe you lost weight while on the diet, but gained it all back once the diet was over?  Worse yet, maybe you felt miserable and deprived on these restrictive diets and exercise programs?

Just because you've struggled in the past does NOT mean that you should give up on your health and fitness goals.  Ultimately, most diets and exercise programs don't work because of the following:

  • Traditional diets don't ever focus on your mindset... Or WHY you became overweight in the first place
  • They don't provide the motivation and support to help hold you accountable
  • They don't teach you the skills to keep the weight off long-term

Instead of trying to lose weight and create a healthier life on your own, check out 5 reasons why you should hire a weight loss coach to help you safely and efficiently lose weight, gain confidence, and lead the life of your dreams.

1. You can't seem to lose weight even though you have all of the nutrition and fitness information under the sun.

When you already know WHAT to do to lose weight, but you're not taking action and DOING it... It almost always comes down to a mindset issue! The wrong mindset can account for 90% of your struggles to lose weight.  This should tell you where the real problem lives.  It's not with the food or exercise, but with your mental relationship to the food and exercise.  If you work on fixing this, losing weight becomes easy.

2. You can't stop eating no matter how many diets you've tried.

No food diet has ever given you the coping skills to understand why you emotionally eat... Or why you eat when you're bored... Or why you eat when you're stressed.  Working with a weight loss coach can help you get to the bottom of these issues, so that you can move past these roadblocks once and for all!

3. You're constantly telling yourself you'll "start tomorrow" or "start next Monday"

The idea of waiting for the perfect time to lose weight is constantly paralyzing you from reaching your goals.  It might be out of fear, or it may be because you're not sure how to get started... But either way, try to realize that by constantly pushing back your "start" date, you'll never lose weight.

4.  You'd love to feel "normal" about food and be able to enjoy just "one"

Have you ever dreamed about food just being fuel for your body?  Imagine leaving a bag of chocolates on your counter for 2 weeks without eating one... Just because you didn't want one!  Imagine enjoying one cookie because you want it... Without the worry of eating the entire box, or the added stress and worry of gaining weight from one cookie.  

5. You believe that you deserve the help of a professional who has a proven track record in helping other women to lose weight.

You've hit a point in your life where you're ready to start taking care of YOU for once.  You've always put others first, but you've realized that you can't give to anyone what you don't have for yourself.  The more frustrated and fed up you feel with your weight loss journey, the less joy, love, and patience you have for your loved ones.  The struggles with your weight, your confidence, and your happiness are always in the back of your mind, and you can't seem to escape them.  

Since YOU believe that you deserve to hire a weight loss coach, so that you can permanently achieve a weight loss mindset that will allow you to have a healthy relationship with food AND your body, I encourage you to take the next step and book a complementary call with me.  On the call, we'll discuss your current health & fitness levels, your goals, and how I can help you gain the positive mindset to lose weight, keep it off long-term, and create a healthy life AND a healthy relationship with food!