What is the BEST diet?!

Weight Watchers… Jenny Craig… Paleo… 21 Day Fix… Low-carb… Whole 30… Which is the BEST diet to permanently lose weight and become healthy?

THIS is the number one question that most women come to me with.

First, let's tackle what makes a diet the "best" one.  You KNOW you've found the perfect diet if you:

  • Lose body fat that (in some cases) has been tough to lose in the past

  • Makes you feel physically strong and mentally sharp

  • Helps you enter a room feeling confident, and even helps you rock that bikini or little black dress

  • Helps you ENJOY getting your photo taken

  • Gives you back some energy so you can run around with your kids, or book a bucket list trip without getting worried how you'll look in your swimsuit, or climb a flight of stairs without getting winded

Here's the thing though--the perfect diet DOESN'T exist for everyone.  But the way you want to look and feel?  That's totally possible.  The truth is, any of these diets (Paleo, Weight Watchers, etc.) can work, but they are hard to stick with long-term.  For example, what happens when you go on family vacation?  Or, how do you stick to your strict diet when a work lunch only provides pizza?  

When I work with amazing women, my goal ISN'T to get you to follow a diet at all, but to create healthy habits that give you the results you want (minus the super-strict rule following). 
If you're hoping to lose the weight (and body fat) you haven't been able to shed for years, build physical strength, gain confidence, and ultimately feel like the healthiest, strongest, fittest version of yourself, I invite you to check out one of my signature health and fitness programs!  Click here to learn more.

For less than the cost of a Venti Starbucks drink a day, I make nutrition and exercise simple to add to your daily life, so you get the results you want WHILE living the life you have.  Most importantly, unlike a fad diet, you won't feel deprived AND the you build the skills to keep the weight off long-term!