Should I try a fad diet to lose weight?!

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As a society, we are bombarded with "fad diets." I almost guarantee you that you can't get through your favorite TV show without seeing a commercial for a new fad diet. Fad diets claim that you can get amazing results with minimal effort. However, the negative side effects of fad diets almost always outweigh the quick and easy results! Although the promise of quick results can sound tempting, check out the ways that fad diets can negatively impact your health:

1. The results aren't lasting (and they're not meant to be!!)

It's simple-- temporary measures used to lose weight produce temporary results. In order to achieve weight loss that lasts, you must create a lifestyle change that includes physical activity a balanced diet. Let's be honest--fad diet companies are in the business of making money. They don't WANT your results to be long-lasting because they WANT you to come back to their program again in the future!

2. Fad diets set you up to be nutrient-deficient.

Think about all of the fad diets out there... Chances are, the majority of them exclude a major food group. Whether it be cutting out all carbs or all fats, you're missing out on key vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that your body needs to properly function. In addition, steer clear from any diets that label foods as "good" or "bad." This can leave you feeling cranky and fatigued, and can leave you more susceptible to getting sick.

3. You are unable to understand what true hunger and fullness feels like.

Contrary to what diet companies may say, most fad diet are extremely low in calories, which leave you feeling hungry all the time. At some point, the fad diet will end and you have to return to regular eating. Chances are you will overcompensate with extra calories to satisfy your feelings of intense hunger, combined with the stress of feeling like you failed. When your body is stuck in a pattern of ignoring your hunger pains, followed by an increase in food intake when you return to normal eating, you eventually lose the ability to recognize and understand what true hunger and true fullness feels like.

4. Fad diets are harmful to both your physical and emotional health.

The process of cycling through diet and then regular eating eventually leads to a decreased metabolism, increased weight gain, frustration, cravings and binges, negative body image, and a distrust in your own ability to monitor food intake. These consequences increase the likelihood of developing an eating disorder or long-term weight gain.

5. You'll wind up being (and feeling) dehydrated.

When you lose weight too quickly, the majority of weight you drop tends to be water weight. This can lead to rapid dehydration. If you try to lose weight faster than your body naturally wants to, you can cause serious health problems for yourself. Remember that drinking water is crucial to losing weight!!! To keep from over eating and to stay properly hydrated, be sure to drink one or two glasses of water before a meal.

I know the results that fad diets "promise" quick and easy results, but they are NOT lasting!  If you're looking for a lasting, healthy way to lose weight, check out my signature 16 week women's weight loss one-on-one program.