How do you feel when I say the words “MEAL PREP”⁉️ ⁣

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How do you feel when I say the words “MEAL PREP”⁉️ ⁣

Stressed? Anxious? Confused? Overwhelmed?

I feel your pain.  Seriously, I used to HATE cooking healthy meals. I found it super stressful and overwhelming.  I didn’t know where to begin, and thought I needed to spend HOURS every day cooking healthy meals.

Boy was I WRONG.  Over the last 7 years, I’ve learned that cooking healthy meals at home DOES NOT REQUIRE you to spend 5 hours in the kitchen… Nor does it require a $200 grocery store bill every week. ⁣Surprised?? Read on!

Sure, cooking healthy meals requires you to PLAN and PREPARE ahead of time, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend your ENTIRE Sunday cooking meals for the entire week.

Check out my BEST 3 hacks to help you turn into a meal prep ninja: ⁣

1. WASH, CHOP, and STORE ALL FRUITS AND VEGGIES AS SOON AS YOU GET HOME FROM THE STORE — Not only did this help save me time, but it also helped save money.  You’re MUCH more likely to use these if they’re already cut up and ready to eat! ⁣

2. DOUBLE and TRIPLE RECIPES — Whether you’re cooking for 1 person or a family of 4, try to double and triple healthy recipes and freeze the second and third batch.  Having healthy meals in your freezer that are ready-to-go can help for weeks that turn crazy busy!⁣

3. PREP SMARTER, NOT HARDER — Try to multitask when possible.  For example, try to bake 4-5 chicken breasts at once, and use it throughout the week on salads, sandwiches, & wraps.  While the chicken is in the oven, prepare your fruits, veggies and whole grains for the week. ⁣

At the end of the day, your meals don’t need to be FANCY in order to lose weight… They need to be NUTRITIOUS.  Every month, I share a healthy recipe pack with ALL of my clients to help them become masters at meal prep without spending hours in the kitchen. ⁣

Are there certain meals where you struggle to find healthy recipes? What do you do for meal prep?

Hit me up in the comments below and let me know which meals are a challenge for you and I’ll share my best recipes!