Check out one of my client's transformation!

Ashlie Sideways Progress Covered Head.png

One of my online weight loss coaching clients has been KILLING it lately!

Today I'm excited to share her transformation story.   

She works full-time, has a 2-year old daughter, & has an active social life... So she doesn't have time to spend hours a day meal prepping or exercising.

She approached me back in January, and was ready to make a change.  She had tried weight watchers, as well as numerous smoothie and shake diets in the past...  And sure, she lost some weight while on the program, but these diets didn't help her change her behaviors.  As soon as the diets were over, her old nutrition & exercise habits crept back, and so did the weight she had lost.  

Plus, as the mom of a 2-year old who works a full time job, she didn't have the time or the energy to spend hours a day meal prepping or working out. 

Slowly, we worked together to create healthy nutrition & exercise habits that fit into her busy lifestyle.  

  • We developed coping strategies for when life got busy & stressful, or for times when there weren't the healthiest options to eat while dining out.  
  • We figured out what types of workouts worked best for her body and her goals
  • We worked together to find time for her to complete her workouts and habits
  • I helped her stay motivated and accountable, so that she stayed on track to reach her goals
  • NO foods were off limits.  Instead of focusing on what NOT to eat, she focused on mostly eating foods that would help her reach her goals, like vegetables and lean protein.  Seriously--she still ate cookies and drank wine and lost weight.  She was just  aware of how often and how much she ate cookies and drank wine.
  • She did the work & followed the plan we created together.  

And guess what?  For the first few weeks, she lost 0 POUNDS.  You read that correctly--the scale stayed the exact same for the first few weeks we worked together.  

Even though she questioned the program, she continued to follow our plan, and noticed that she felt different.  She had more energy to exercise & to play with her daughter... She was more focused & productive at work... She slept better...  She just FELT better overall.

Within a few weeks, her clothes fit differently, and the number on the scale slowly began to drop.  

There were bumps in the road and there were times where she wasn't perfectly following our plan...  There were days she planned to exercise and didn't... And there were days she didn't follow her nutrition habits as closely as she could've...  But that didn't matter.  She made progress and learned more about herself each and every day.  And her results show it!  She continued to lose weight, and more importantly, feel more confident and energized than she ever imagined.  

I'm proud to say that in 6 months of working together, she has lost over 30 pounds and over 32 inches!  

You can see her transformation in the photos above.  It's easy to see that she has lost weight, but if you look closely at the photo on the right, her body language shows more confidence than the photo on the left. The subtle hand on her hip with her shoulders back simply shows how much better she feels.  

If you're ready to create your OWN customized nutrition & exercise plan, and to look and feel your best, then I invite you to book a free consultation call.  This is a no-pressure call where we'll talk about your goals, and how I can best support you to become the healthiest version of YOU.  Grab your calendar and click here to book a call.